Business Telephone Systems

xn-120 technology

Choosing the correct system is essential for you to maximise the return on your investment. Our project managers work closely with you, ensuring the solution best suits your needs. Comtec Telecom and Data are appointed partners of Siemens and NEC. This means you are assured your system will be installed and maintained by fully qualified engineers.

Our portfolio is built around only two manufacturers, as the two will cover every conceivable telecommunication need, at any conceivable price-point.

xn-120 technology

Our flagship system. Siemens have have a long and illustrious pedigree in producing high performance combined with high reliability in their telephone systems.
They are able to solve any communication need and as a result we promote this product with our utmost confidence.

xn-120 technology

We recommend this product because of it's outstanding featureset combined with cost effectiveness.
Once again NEC have a long pedigree regarding their performance and reliability but is not as fully featured as the Siemens systems (i.e. cannot support ISDN 30 at this moment in time), this system represents a more cost effective solution for certain applications.

Some of the features and benefits these systems can provide you with include: -

  • Auto Attendant / Voicemail
  • Message waiting via email notification
  • DECT cordless integration
  • Uniform call distribution
  • CSTA / CTI applications
  • Mobile extensions
  • IP / WAN handsets

All systems we fit are PSTN, ISDN, VOIP and SIP compatible.

Here are just some of the facilities that Comtec can provide to your business today.

  • Comtec Telecoms and Data
  • Comtec Calls and Data provision
  • Comtec Networks