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HiPath 3000 is an innovative and flexible convergence platform that perfectly adapts communications to the company structure in small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your aim is to enhance growth or seamlessly integrate branch offices or mobile staff, the three expansion stages of the HiPath 3000 family (for up to 1,000 users distributed across up to 32 locations) are the perfect solution for optimizing costs and business processes.

Siemens brand telephoneHiPath 3000 is a secure, reliable communications system with high failure tolerance. The system is ideal for both packet-switched (LAN/WAN) and line-switched (ISDN) environments, or a mixture of the two. This guarantees gradual migration on both the network side and user side. The flexibility of HiPath 3000 is especially obvious in mixed infrastructures where Voice over IP is installed but traditional analog and digital telephones, fax machines, and modems are still in use. HiPath 3000 supports any combination of IP, analog, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones.

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Enhanced features of traditional telephony combined with applications, such as, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), UCD (Uniform Call Distribution), and Unified Messaging, support all communications processes at the workplace and in all work environments. If an extension is left unattended, the Team function or integrated voicemail* ensures that no call is missed. And HiPath 3000's user-friendly executive secretary function ensures the smooth flow of communication at attendant or secretary stations in the reception area where multiple communications processes converge. Integrated call distribution ensures reachability and guarantees fast customer contact. All these factors combine to make telephony not only easier to use, but also more efficient.

We invite you to download some literature regarding this telephone system below:

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We currently are able offer:
  • Hipath 3800 ( for 80 to 300 users)
  • Hipath 3500/3550 ( for 25 to 80 users)
  • Hipath 3300/3350 ( for 8 to 20 users)